"Australian Mood," from Dominos, 2014

"I wanted to write something for a radio performance in LA that captured elements of Australia and transported the listener to our ancient land...The first section of this composition describes the eternal vastness of the desert at the dawning of a new day. The second section depicts our surrounding ocean...buffeted by the wind." –Anita Thomas

“Someday There’ll Be Some Changes Made,” live performance, 2010

Anita Thomas’ Festival Feetwarmers on November 25, 2010 at the 31st Annual Thanksgiving Dixieland Jazz Festival in San Diego CA with Kim Cusack (reeds), John Royen (piano), Katie Cavera (guitar) and Mike Earls (bass).

“Work Song,” live performance, 2012

Recorded live with Scott Silbert (saxophone), Ralph Gordon (bass), Robert Sykes (piano) and Brooks Tegler (drums). 


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Visit to sample each track from Anita Thomas’ CD Dominos. Anita’s unique voice in the jazz world is displayed through her virtuosic, soulful solos and creative writing. Opening with the haunting sound of a didjeridoo, “Australian Mood” offers listeners an immediate connection to the vastness of the continent's landscape while “Which Waltz?” moves with potent energy and flaunts Anita’s skill as a superb saxophonist.  From the first track to the last, this album showcases great ensemble work, inventive melodies and rhythmic drive. Now, you can preview each track of this long-awaited release and place your order on

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Dominos, 2014

Movin’ On, 2000

Anita Thomas, 1998

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